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PwP Moved to Portland

 - by Playing with Polish

Wow, it feels like it has been forever since my last blog post! Well I’m not dead and haven’t lost interest in blogging. My husband got a new job, and we moved to Portland, OR. The past month has been crazy, but we are really starting to settle into our new home. My nails and cuticles are in bad shape from the move, but I am woking on rehabbing them. I have also picked-up a few polishes since we arrived here just before midnight on April 21st. I am looking forward to blogging again, and having fun with nail polish. Portland is a beautiful place, and hopefully it will provide a lot of inspiration! :-) We have a yard now, and I am looking forward to trying my hand at some gardening. It is likely that I will start wearing my nails a bit shorter so I can better tend to my flowers and veggies. I will need to work on getting a photo tent though, because one thing it will likely not provide is a lot of sunny days for outdoor photo shoots. Anyway, it is so good to be back! :-D

a few polishes I have picked-up since our move

a few polishes I have picked-up since our move

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