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Coping with Cancer through Nail Polish

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Today I am sharing an article written by a guest blogger, Jackie Clark of the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. She shares with us how feeling beautiful can help a woman cope with cancer.

Zoya Gilda

Feeling beautiful can help women feel better about themselves

Being diagnosed with cancer, such as mesothelioma can be emotionally devastating for a woman. Even though women who experience various cancer diagnoses’ can often find them depressing, there is no need for that to be the case. Not all cancer prognoses have to be bleak. Instead women need to feel beautiful in their own skin despite the hand they have been dealt.

Fashion and beauty are among the most powerful tools to boost a person’s self-confidence. They can give someone a sense of power and ability to tackle anything that the day may bring. For women, one of simplest fashion techniques is one of the most powerful and confidence boosting ones—Nails! For women, painted nails instantly gives them a feminine quality and makes them feel alluring and sexy. No matter what the nail color of choice, whether it be fire engine red, bright neon pink, or a classical French manicure, having painted nails can instantly add a sleek and polished look to any women’s appearance, thereby making her feel good about herself.

For women with mesothelioma cancer, getting their nails done is a great coping mechanism. Not only do manicured nails make a woman feel good about herself, the manicure experience itself is quite relaxing. What could be better than being pampered in such a manner? A manicure involves a complete scrub down of the nails and cuticles, and simply watching the nail art of the woman’s choice gives her a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction with herself. When she sees the ending product, she feels good about herself despite any earlier emotions she felt that day. Many women find it a good stress reliever to get their nails done, especially after a bad hair day or a bad day at work. When a woman has perfectly manicured nails, even on bad hair days, she can just tell herself, “Well, at least my nails look fabulous!”

Getting your nails painted is also a good social activity. Women need social interaction. Groups of friends often go to the salon together and chitchat over this and that and enjoy simple gossip. A great idea for women with mesothelioma is to create a nail salon group. The group can meet up on certain days and discuss the trials and tribulations of their conditions and what they are going through, thereby giving each other the support they need.

Overall, it is important for women to realize that a cancer diagnosis doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful. Beauty is an internal quality that pokes its way through to the outside world. What a better way to show off your newfound confidence than by having fabulously painted nails.

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