My First Franken!

 - by Playing with Polish

I have long admired the frankens I have seen posted by other beauty bloggers. Making your own polish colors? How cool is that?!?! I have been meaning to try it for a while, and I finally decided to take the plunge. I have a set of Color Club polishes that I bought at Ross, All About Color, for $7.99. I could not find any information online and unlike the other Color Club sets I have, the names of the polish were not printed on the box. I have had this set for a while, but never blogged about them as they were mystery colors. For my first franken, I decided to use a Barbie pink from this set and jazz it up with some holographic and pink cosmetic glitter. I added three small scoops of each to the base color and mixed it up. The result looked good in the bottle, so my hopes were high. I tried my new concoction on a nail wheel and was dismayed to see that I had some very bumpy polish that looked like it had a bad rash! :-( Uggh. I though the polish was too thick, but I did not have any thiner on hand as I never finish a bottle. Since the bottle was already ruined I took a chance and added a few drops of polish remover. I again applied it to the nail wheel with disappointing results. I added a second coat anyway, and a top coat. The top coat smoothed the polish and made the glitter particles more visible! Although the polish was not amazing, it was pretty cute. Now the mystery polish is a Barbie pink with the subtle twinkle of glitter. I am calling it Princess Polish. I have ordered some polish thinner, and can’t wait to give frankening another crack!

my first franken Princess Polish

Princess Polish in sunlight

Application was ok. The formula was a bit bumpy and uneven. Most issues were smoothed out with a top coat. Three coats and a top coat shown.

Princess Polish

Mystery polish on the left, "rash" polish next to it and Princess Polish on the right

What do you think? Do you franken?

Princess Polish

Princess Polish

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