Badly Behaved Nails :-(

 - by Playing with Polish

Or clumsy me! Generally my nails are pretty well behaved. I try to take decent care of them, and they don’t give me too much trouble. However, since Christmas my nails and I have not been getting along. I broke my left thumbnail on Christmas Day (I was very disappointed as my husband gave me some lovely polish for Christmas). Finally as I was starting to get to a reasonable length again, I managed to break my right thumbnail! :-( I broke this one even further down, and after cutting my nails all the way down my thumbnail is quite lopsided. *Sigh* I suppose it is silly to be so bummed about my nails, but polishing them is so much fun and having pretty nails bring me joy. To add a bit of insult to injury my birthday was two weeks ago, and now I also have birthday polish languishing in my new polish bin.

What do you do to make your nails grow faster? Any tips for rocking shorties? Some of you do it so well! I just hate the way very short nails look on me. Thanks for reading and for letting me vent a bit!

birthday polish

my lonely birthday polish

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