Zoya Izzy

 - by Playing with Polish

Izzy is a deep pink shimmer from Zoya’s holiday Gems & Jewels collection. It is such a happy, festive color. Looking at it on my nails really brought a smile to my face. Since I seem to have been infected with holiday glitter this year, I decided to add Kissy on my ring fingers as an accent. I figured that if I only use glitter on accent nails my pain will be greatly reduced when it is time to take it off! First I tried Kissy over Izzy. It looked good, but I noticed that in addition to pink and holographic bar glitter, Kissy was also full of fine red glitter. I tried it over Butter London Knees Up, and boy did they work nicely together! :-D When it came time to take my polish off, my plan worked and I was rewarded with a fairly easy removal :-D Please note that because  Izzy was so shimmery it was difficult to find lighting that equally flattered it and Kissy. Izzy looks much better in person!

Zoya Izzy with Butter London Knees Up and Zoya Kissy

Zoya Izzy in sunlight (with Butter London Knees Up and Zoya Kissy on accent nail)

Application was excellent. Two coats with a top coat shown (two coats of Butter London Knees Up and one coat of Kissy on accent nail).

Are you loving any of this year’s holiday glitters? Which ones?

Butter London Knees Up, Zoya Izzy and Kissy

Butter London Knees Up, Zoya Izzy, and Kissy

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