Christmas Stuff

 - by Playing with Polish

This year for Christmas my husband gave me a number of goodies from my wish list, but he also surprised me with some fun nail stuff. I recently organized my nail polish and labeled items that were “swatched,” “untried,” etc. He checked my nail polish bins and blog to determine what I didn’t already have, so he could decided what to get. He was right I didn’t have them, and I was so touched. I loved the research and thought that went into the gift! :-) I managed to break my thumbnail pretty badly yesterday (and attempted a repair), so hopefully I will still have have length to my nails. However even if I end up trimming my nails all the way down, my sappy self is cheered by my sweet husband. :-D I still wish I was a bit less clumsy though!

I am hoping to try my hand at a bit of frankening in the coming year. It seems like the glitter is going to make a huge mess, but it sounds like fun!

Christmas nail goodies

My Christmas nail goodies

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