A Sweet Gift From a Friend – a Polish Colored Purse

 - by Playing with Polish

Recently I went to visit a friend that I had not seen in awhile, and it turns out that he had been saving a birthday gift for me. It was nn adorable little silk purse. It was handmade and provided good jobs to women in Vietnam. I liked those aspects for sure, but it also is almost a perfect match to Zoya’s Rica :-) How cool is that?!? :-) It is a warm orangish coral with a gold sheen a a slightly color shifting quality. Although I am not usually into matchy-matchy things, I do sometimes love to match my polish to something else I am wearing.

Do you have any polishes that you match to clothing or accessories?

purse the color of Zoya Rica nail polish

A polish colored purse how cool is that! :-)

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