Your Go To Polishes?

 - by Playing with Polish

Recently someone found out that I had a nail polish blog, and naturally they asked me about my favorite polish. My brain froze – too many to think about! I love just about anything by BB Couture, Orly has really put out some awesome polish, China Glaze’s OMG collection really rocks, and Nfu Oh can always be counted on for something that packs a lot of punch.  Do I even have a favorite? I couldn’t say I have a favorite. It really depends on what I am craving.  However, I do have a “go to” polish. One that I reach for again and a gain. Although it changes, right now my  go to polish is Orly’s Rage. When I look at my collection faced with indecision, Rage is always a good choice. It boasts excellent application and drying time. When I am wearing rage, I am always pleased gazing at my beautiful rose gold nails :-) It is a good vacation choice too because without being a boring nude sheer, the lighter pinkish color manages to hide a bit of wear.

What are your go tos? Is it a particular polish or a brand that you know won’t let you down?

Orly Rage

Orly Rage in Sunlight

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