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Sheesh, it feels like it has been forever since I wrote a blog entry! I have snapped a few manicure pics, but I have been really busy with school and they have not turned into blog posts :-( At any rate, the weather has been quite spring-like here this week. I have been dying to try Intimate, Zoya’s new spring collection. So here are the first of the six new shades. I will try to get the other three up in a few days.


Gemma is a murky greyish-blue green with a blue and dark pink shimmer. It is a really cool color! I don’t really love it on me though.

Application was very good, but a tad on the sheer side. Three coats and a top coat shown.

Zoya Gemma

Zoya Gemma


Jules is a soft muted gold. I was unsure if I was going to like it or not since many golds are a bit too warm for me. This is cooler and softer though. I was surprised at how much I liked Jules! For me is a much more wearable gold.

Application was very good, but  this one was also a tad on the sheer side. Three coats and a top coat shown.

Zoya Jules

Zoya Jules


Danni is a lovely violet with a pinkish shimmer. Mmmm, this is such a yummy spring color! I love it!!! :-D I got some other new polish today too, but this was a swatch that turned into a full manicure. The other colors will have wait a day or two :-)

Application was excellent. Two coats and a top coat shown.

Zoya Danni

Zoya Danni

Zoya Intimate Collection

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