Nailtini You Call It Set

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Nailtini worked with Mad Men’s amazing costume designer Janie Bryant to create this cocktail themed set of nail polishes. Rather than using retro nail colors like classic red, the lush fabrics of classic cocktail gowns inspired these stunning polishes.

French 75

This rich glittering gold really does remind me of fabric. Chunky glitter and a foil base create a textile texture. Although I don’t see this as being an everyday polish for me, it would be stunning for a special occasion or the fast approaching holidays!

This polish was a bit thick, but it still went on pretty well. Two coats and a top coat shown.

Nailtini French 75

Nailtini French 75 in sunlight


Although I do own other silver foils like Orly’s Shine, this one is still worth getting. The foil texture is smoother than Shine’s, and the polish is very opaque. It is also a much brighter silver than any other silver polish I have. This makes sense since Nailtini describes it as platinum rather than silver. Deauville strikes me as quite a futuristic look. I love it! :-D

Application was excellent. Two coats and a top coat shown.

Nailtini Deauville

Nailtini Deauville in sunlight

Bourbon Satin

As the name would lead you to believe, Bourbon Satin is a luxurious shimmery golden brown. Very rich looking! I look forward to wearing this color again (although my husband has indicated that he would like to swipe it for his toenails :-) )!

Application was excellent. This one glides right on! Two coats and a top coat shown.

Nailtini Bourbon Satin

Nailtini Bourbon Satin in sunlight


This beauty was the most complex of the bunch, and of course the most difficult to photograph! In the bottle the duochrome (or should I say polychrome) effect is very pronounced. It appears to be a shimmery teal/eggplant purple/red/gold. On the nail the effect is not quite as strong, but it still has a good shift from blackened teal shimmer to purple. Mmmm, it is yummy! :-D

Nailtini Stinger

Nailtini Stinger in sunlight

Nailtini Stinger

Nailtini Stinger in shaded natural light

Every polish in the You Call It set is something I would wear again :-) It is the perfect way to add some glamour to your fall look. This limited edition set is currently available at QVC for $20, or 360 Beauty for $25. Nailtini’s mini bottles are almost twice the size of OPI’s (7 ml vs 3.75) and the brushes feel like they are full-sized to me.

Nailtini You Call It Set

Nailtini You Call It Set

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