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I love fall! The crisp cooler weather, apple and pumpkin pies, and holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween! :-D I was excited when I saw this set, and knew I had to have it!


Obscurity is a matte black. It is kind of cool for Halloween, but not really my thing.

Application was uneven, and the results were so-so. From farther away it looked pretty cool, but upon close examination it was quite uneven. Two coats shown without a top coat.

OPI Obscurity

OPI Obscurity in natural light


Unripened is a black base with fine teal glitter. In the bottle it looked like the glitter had a duochrome effect, but I didn’t really see this on the nail. I had hoped for more duochrome, but this is still a yummy color!

Application was very good. Two coats and a top coat shown.

OPI Unripened

OPI Unripened in sunlight


Nevermore is a lovely shimmery purple! I have other shimmery purples for sure, but I don’t know how you could have too many! :-)

Application was very good. Two coats and a top coat shown.

OPI Nevermore

OPI Nevermore in sunlight

Suzanne asked how Nevermore compared to OPI’s Ink, so I took a comparison picture. I think the shimmer in Ink might be a tad bit more vibrant, but essentially they look the same to me.

OPI Nevermore and OPI Ink

OPI Nevermore on pointer and ring fingers, OPI Ink on middle and pinky fingers


Sanguine is a shimmery blackened red. I LOVE it! :-D This polish looks like glowing embers!!! :-D

Application was very good. Two coats and a top coat shown.

OPI Sanguine

OPI Sanguine in sunshine

The polish also came with a lace cuff bracelet that I gave to a friend. She regularly frequents a Goth club, so I figure she would get more use out of it! Overall I really like this set! I would absolutely love to have full-sized bottles of Sanguine and Unripened :-D If you love Halloween and lovely dark colors then Go Goth! is a must buy!

OPI Go Goth!

OPI Go Goth! OPI Obscurity, OPI Unripened, OPI Nevermore, OPI Sanguine

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