Color Club Bewitching

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I love fun holiday themed sets!  Color Club’s Bewitching includes four mini polishes and a sheet of nail decals.

Hocus Pocus

I generally love sparkly nail polish, but I tend not to be as crazy about regular glitter polishes. Most of them remind me of craft glitter that I used as a kid. I prefer micro glitter, holo glitter and shimmer finishes. I figured Hocus Pocus would probably be just “ok,” and best used as a top coat on a darker color. I was in for a surprise – WOW! The glitter was very dense, and had a knockout combination of silver, multi-colored and holo glitter! I probably wouldn’t look at Hocus Pocus and think Halloween, but I would think “magic”! :-D

Application was good. Although I had fairly opaque coverage after two coats, I used three for maximum sparkle! Three coats and a top coat shown.

Color Club Hocus Pocus

Color Club Hocus Pocus in sunlight

Color Club Hocus Pocus

Color Club Hocus Pocus showing its sparkling personality


Spellbound is really orange. Although it looks pretty bright in the pictures it was a bit photo shy, because it is much brighter in real life.  I would describe it as being an intense “caution” neon orange! It practically glows in the dark! Being a neon it was not a surprise that it dried matte, but it was a softer matte like an eggshell paint. Although it was way too orange for me to wear on a regular basis, it is a cool color for Halloween. The soft matte finish is also more appealing to me than a harsher matte.

Application was good. Two coats shown (no top coat).

Color Club Spellbound

Color Club Spellbound in sunlight

Charmed I’m Sure

A blue leaning purple polish with lighter purple shimmer (although it is not quite as blue as it appears in the picture). It looks like it has a bit of a duochrome effect in the bottle, but I didn’t notice it on the nail. This was a nice color, but it did not seem like it was that unique. The nail decals that come with the package include a number of fun designs like ghosts, a graveyard, haunted house, etc. They were very easy to apply, and secure with a layer of top coat.

Application was good. Two coats and a top coat shown.

Color Club Charmed I'm Sure

Color Club Charmed I'm Sure in sunlight (Spellbound & decal accent)


Bewitching had an eggshell matte finish similar to spellbound. I like this matte black much better than OPI’s Halloween mini, Obscurity from the Go Goth! set.  Application was much easier and smoother compared to Obscurity.

Application was good. This polish was extremely opaque. I probably could have gotten away with one coat, but added a second anyway. Two coats shown (no top coat).

Color Club Bewitching

Color Club Bewitching in sunlight

Color Club Bewitching Set

Color Club Bewitching Set

Bewitching is a cute little set! I also found Color Club’s mini brushes easier to work with than OPI or Essie’s mini brushes. If you love Halloween, this set is a must buy! :-D

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