Nfu Oh #64

 - by Playing with Polish

#64 is another of Nfu Oh’s amazing holo glitter polishes. Unlike some other holo polishes, the Nfu Ohs I have tried show the holo effect strongly under both artificial and natural light conditions.

Nfu Oh #64

Nfu Oh #64 in artificial light

Nfu Oh #64

Nfu Oh #64 in sunlight

Application was not that great. I found it a bit patchy and uneven, but it did dry pretty smooth. A top coat took care of any remaining issues. Anyway who cares with results like these?!?  Nfu Oh #64 is a knockout! :-D

Three coats and a top coat shown.

Nfu Oh #65, Nfu Oh #64, OPI DS Glamour, OPI DS Amethyst

Nfu Oh #65, Nfu Oh #64, OPI DS Glamour and OPI DS Amethyst in indirect lighting

Nfu Oh #64

Nfu Oh #64

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