CND Shellac Strawberry Smoothie – Day 1

 - by Playing with Polish

Usually I change my nail polish every few days. I love the look of fun (often pretty bright) polishes, and change colors several times a week. My husband and I are going on a long vacation in a few days, so I decided it was the perfect opportunity to try CND’s new Shellac product, which is touted as lasting two or more weeks. Since I am hoping I can get this manicure to last 18 days, I picked a sheer color to minimize the look of new growth.

Kristin Craig at DKW did my Shellac. She has been doing nails for 25 years, and Shellac since it first came out on May 1st. Kristin was very friendly and knowledgeable. I enjoy doing my nails myself. Years ago when I first got married I used to get silk wraps. It seemed like it took a while, smelled awful and I always left with sore cuticles. I was a bit leery about going back to have my nails done, but having her work on my nails was very relaxing and a nice treat. When she massaged lotion into my hands, she avoided my rings. Major points in my book since dirty jewelry is a big pet peeve of mine! You can reach Kristin at 831-247-0548. DKW Salon

CND Shellac Strawberry Smoothie

CND Shellac Strawberry Smoothie in artificial light (posed with Nubar bottle, but no Nubar was used for this manicure)

The Shellac does not feel like I have wraps or enhancements on my nails. It looks and feels like I am just wearing regular polish. As you can see in the pictures taken less than an hour after the manicure, my cuticles are not at all irritated. The process was fairly quick too. I think it took about 45 minutes to apply and cure under the UV light, and I really did walk out of the salon with dry nails! :-)

CND Shellac Strawberry Smoothie

CND Shellac Strawberry Smoothie in sunlight

Strawberry Smoothie is a sheer shimmery pink with a very glossy finish. Sadly my nails are a bit stained at the moment due to all of the bright polishes I love. I was afraid that would be an issue with the sheer color. This shows-up much more in my pictures, but is hardly an issue in real life. I am quite pleased with the way my nails look right now.

I am excited about the possibilities of Shellac, and look forward to sharing updates and new pictures over the life of my manicure! Hopefully it will last our whole vacation! :-)

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